Synapse Specialty, a division of Synapse Services, LLC, is pleased to announce the opening of a Miami office to service Latin American reinsurance operations and reinforce Synapse’s commitment to LatAm clients.  The expansion of Synapse’s U.S. product lines into the Latin America and Caribbean territories includes:

  • Cargo and Stock Throughput
  • Port and Terminals
  • Cyber Risks
  • Terrorism
  • Environmental Liability

“This incredible opportunity to continue building bridges between LatAm and the US, with Miami serving as a neurological trading hub in our industry, is the perfect middle ground between both worlds,”  said Randy Hampton, Executive Vice President, Synapse Specialty. “Our deep expertise in designing specialized products, along with our US and International market relationships will add tremendous value for our clients and will deliver the sophisticated solutions LatAm insureds are looking for.”

In addition, Fernando Gomez, Vice President, stated, “We actively listen to our local partners who are asking us not only to be specialists in our lines of business, but also specialists in the region, its culture and nuances. To this end, we are building a team of highly skilled professionals with the ability to connect, understand and serve the region.”

The geographical scope of this operation will be the entire territory of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Those interested in learning more are encouraged to contact Jeff Honigstock.

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