Commercial crime insurance can help protect your company from significant losses.

Commercial Crime Insurance provides coverage for losses resulting from criminal activities such as theft, embezzlement, fraud, and forgery. It is designed to protect businesses and organizations against financial losses that may arise from these types of crimes caused by both third parties or employees. It provides coverage for loss of money or other assets against theft, fraud, forgery, burglary, and more.

First-party coverage protects your business from its own losses that occurred as a result of some type of criminal activity. Third-party coverage protects your business if another business or entity claims that a criminal act perpetrated by your business caused them direct losses.

Losses related to criminal acts can be frustrating and costly. In the digital age, manipulation and digital crime can be disruptive and this simple line of insurance can help.

Coverage Options

  • Employee dishonesty
  • Acts of forgery, counterfeiting, impersonation, and alteration of checks or other documents
  • Theft of money, securities, or other property
  • Computer fraud and funds transfer fraud
  • Robbery and burglary