How We Deliver on Our Commitment

We maintain excellent carrier relationships, arriving at data-driven insights while leveraging in-house legal and risk management resources. Additionally, Synapse has a deep understanding of the risks, suitable products, and innovative strategies that can provide optimum value in highly specialized market sectors, including: energy, construction, shipping, manufacturing, among other sectors.

Our Core Values

“Today’s ‘specialist’ wholesaler must do more than just understand and market hard-to-place risks. They should provide the technical expertise and data resources to enhance a retail partner’s ability to drive organic growth. In this consolidating marketplace, independence as a virtue should be embraced, used to attract and retain talent, and deliver an overall better product.”

Daniel Beck
Managing Partner

Why Partner with Synapse

We Help Brokers Win

People: Our unique mix of seasoned environmental and specialty brokers, former senior underwriters, and other experts ensure we are delivering the right strategies and products for your client.

Data: Accessed through our proprietary CentralisTM analytics platform, years of aggregated data across industry segments, insureds, and carriers provide a fresh look on business renewals and unprecedented insight when quoting new business or serving existing customers.

Resources: Synapse offers access to experienced legal and risk management advisors who bring both innovative thinking and careful consideration of exposure to our coverage strategies.

We Have a Proven Process

Synapse has a unique and time-tested approach, supported by CentralisTM to helping you provide optimum and lasting value to customer relationships.

  • Critical Coverage Review
  • Discussion Sheets, Regulatory
    and Exposure Analysis
  • Market Due Diligence and Selection
  • Underwriting Support and
    Submission Preparation
  • Coverage Comparison and Negotiation
  • Risk Control Survey Coordination
  • Risk Management Support
  • Strategic Claims Advisory

We Know How to Structure Deals

Synapse’s expertise and credibility with insurance carriers enables us to craft coverage language in response to changing and developing liability needs. Additionally — and aided by our proprietary CentralisTM platform — we are particularly adept at researching, analyzing, and crafting solutions custom-tailored to your existing- or new-customer opportunities.

We are Independent

Synapse is proud to be an independent organization placing a great deal of value on forging and fostering relationships with our broker customers, carriers, and other industry partners. Our independence offers a number of benefits to all we serve:

  • Objective when assessing data, forging strategies, and presenting solutions
  • Free of obligation to any one product, line of products,
    or carrier — for truly customized solutions
  • Open-minded and innovative
  • Extremely nimble, enabling us to respond to fast-changing
    industry and market trends, emerging risks, and an ever-evolving regulatory environment
  • A stronger and more transparent ally

Stay Connected

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