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Industry specific experience, seniority, depth and exceptional carrier relationships.

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Over 200 years of combined environmental, property and privacy liability experience

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Critical coverage review (renewal & new business) legal and coverage trends


syn·apse (sĭn'āps', sĭ-nāps')

n. [Greek sunapsis, point of contact, from sunaptein, to join together]

Our partnership model is at the core of how we integrate our risk management and insurance expertise with our retail insurance brokers.  We become an extension of your brokerage team.  Providing Environmental and Specialty services gives our broker partners a strategic advantage in a competitive marketplace. 

By providing a comprehensive approach to risk management with innovative insurance programs, Synapse provides our broker partners, as well as attorney relationships, a differentiated advantage to help their clients manage environmental and specialty business risk.  With a keen focus and expertise on environmental matters related to business transactions and operations, Synapse is a unique and differentiated partner offering a combination of business strengths not typically found together.

Synapse is proudly celebrating its 15th year anniversary as a privately-owned agency with a strong focus on retail partner relationships and the risk coverage needs of your insured. Synapse was founded on the principle of combining specialized risk management expertise with insurance professionals who are experienced at understanding and presenting technical risk accurately to underwriters. We apply that experience to assist our valued retail partners in winning and retaining business by providing value and protecting their clients.

  • Synapse Services

    One of the largest, most respected surplus lines wholesale environmental insurance firms in the country, operating in all 50 states.

  • Synapse Specialty

    A premier provider of innovative solutions and niche specialization products responding to an ever changing world of risk.

  • Synapse Risk Management

    A team of experienced professional risk managers, including expertise in engineering and environmental law.