Our Expertise

Brokers across North America and beyond count on Synapse for literally hundreds of years of combined experience in environmental, specialty, and reinsurance coverage.

Our Experience

Synapse has exceptional knowledge of risk management strategies, products, and best practices ideally suited to address the unique needs of countless insured categories.

Our Extensive Offering

Aided by exceptional carrier relationships, Synapse offers our retail partners a complete range of insurance products to meet the complex, custom needs of their diverse customers.

Find a Specialist

Tap into one of the largest, most respected providers of wholesale insurance and expertise in the country. Here, our experts are committed to empowering brokers with exemplary environmental and specialty insurance products, strategies, and customer service.

syn·apse (sĭn’āps’, sĭ-nāps’)

n. [Greek sunapsis, point of contact, from sunaptein, to join together]

Our Core Values

Our mission is to provide the highest level of expertise and service in the specialty insurance marketplace by building and nurturing the best people and creating strong relationships with our clients.