Like all of you, Synapse and its nationwide team of dedicated insurance professionals and staff are navigating the ever-changing impacts the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has wrought on the insurance and business markets, and more importantly our families and the communities in which we live. We have prepared this message to advise our valued retail and carrier partners about potential short-term changes in the way Synapse operates on a daily basis, while reassuring all of you that Synapse remains open for business and will continue to service our customers, clients and accounts for the duration of this global pandemic.

Synapse has made company-wide investments in technology and infrastructure to facilitate remote access and work-from-home capabilities. Our insurance professionals and staff are positioned to remain connected and capable of maintaining our level of service and responding to our client’s needs during this time.

While maintaining client service as a top priority, Synapse has also implemented measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, and our community:

  • Travel Restrictions: Synapse has temporarily suspended business travel for our entire staff, and will continue to monitor developments and instructions from federal, state, and local governments and health agencies regarding appropriate travel restrictions;
  • Working Remotely: Synapse has adopted a work-from-home program for the immediate future. Our insurance professionals and staff have been advised to work remotely (with the exception of essential staff at certain of our office locations), and will be accessible via email and/or phone;
  • Face-to-Face Business Meetings: Our staff have been advised to limit face-to-face, in-person meetings with clients and partners for the time being. Our company prides itself on our commitment to our retailer and carrier partners, and will continue to find ways to do so utilizing alternative venues and remote technology.

The COVID-19 outbreak presents a unique and unprecedented challenge to our daily lives. We write today to reassure our retail and carrier partners that Synapse will continue to operate with as little service interruption as possible, while acknowledging some concrete changes and accommodations that must be made in response to the virus. We encourage all to act responsibly to meet this challenge, to demonstrate leadership at work and at home, and most importantly to stay safe and be healthy.

Daniel Beck
Managing Partner

PS: As so many commercial policyholders grapple with the economic and social impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, there have been a flood of questions regarding the availability of insurance coverage to mitigate some of the losses being incurred due to the virus. Synapse encourages our Retail Partners and their clients to utilize this guide to review their environmental insurance coverage and evaluate potential avenues for financial recovery. We also encourage policyholders to carefully review notice of claim or reporting obligations under their environmental policies, and comply with any applicable reporting requirements in order to preserve their coverage rights.

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