Synapse supports our retail partners with extensive technical resources. Our services are designed to provide a competitive advantage in the specialty markets we serve.

Synapse provides whitepapers, pollution matrix documents and coverage comparisons to empower and support your relationship with your insureds.


Resources are the capabilities Synapse brings to assist in your sales efforts. Resources fall under two categories: Human Resources and Data Resources.

Human Resources

People are at the heart of a successful relationship.  Synapse’s “down the hall” resource culture is founded on providing our professional expertise skills and knowledge to our broker partners.  We pick up the phone.  We are responsive.  We listen and problem solve.  We research.  We educate.  We take our relationships in the insurance industry, at all levels, to heart.  We build and nurture the best people and partnerships.

Data Resources

As the largest aggregator of wholesale environmental business, Synapse has placed thousands of accounts across hundreds of industry classes. We use our proprietary data across our book of business to support coverage, pricing and limits negotiations with our markets.  This is why we created Centralis – our proprietary data management system housing years of first hand industry information.

With Centralis, we can compare risk factors across 15 years of data by industry classification, premium, limits, endorsements, carrier appetite, claims and more. Our data provides a foundation for insurer negotiations and coverage reviews. Synapse’s team of technical brokers leverage these resources to procure the broadest and most comprehensive coverage available in the market.

For certain accounts with multiple quotes and key coverage distinctions, Synapse provides detailed coverage reviews for our agents and their clients. 

These coverage reviews compare quotations across up to 40 different policy criteria, facilitating an in-depth comparison of product options based on an Insured’s specific needs.  The comparisons offer a clear resource for our brokers to easily recognize key differences in coverage across multiple policy forms which are not standardized in their coverage structure or language.  Our coverage reviews evaluate:

  • Pricing, tax and stamping fee, and minimum earned premium comparisons;
  • Key Insuring Agreement language and scope of coverage;
  • Breadth of key exclusions within the policy form or amended via endorsement;
  • Differentiation amongst carriers in key definitions and terminology; and
  • Applicability of coverage offering to existing and emerging environmental exposures.

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