Offers project-dedicated professional liability insurance to protect a project owner from losses arising out of the architect’s or engineer’s (A/E’s) negligence. Owners protective professional indemnity (OPPI) is offered to construction project owners for damages arising out of professional liability created by one of the members of the design team during a construction project.

Coverage Options

Offers protection for project owners in the event of a significant economic loss. The policy sits in excess of the annual professional liability policies of design professionals and other consultants performing professional services on the project owners behalf.

  • Protective professional indemnity
  • Protective contractors pollution
  • Third-party claim defense and indemnity

Key Features

  • Excess indemnity on first party claims brought against the design team
  • Primary coverage if the design professional’s policy limits are eroded by another claim
  • Written in the owner’s name, benefits of having an owner controlled program
  • Cost-effective alternative to project insurance
  • Difference in conditions (DIC) coverage above underlying professional liability
  • Covers defense cost of third-party claims arising out of the design professional’s services
  • Project specific or ”blanket” basis for all construction projects of the owner
  • Covers duration of a construction project with an automatic extended reporting period (ERP) available up to statutes of repose

Target Classes

  • Hospitality
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems
  • Infrastructure projects including road, bridges, rail, water, wastewater, sewerage
  • Mixed-use high rises (condo and residential apartments)
  • Power and industrial
  • Schools and colleges
  • Stadiums and arenas
  • Office, commercial, retail
  • Other owner-related construction projects