Contractors pollution professional (CPP) insurance addresses the unique risk exposures encountered by contractors and design-build firms against the uncertainty of environmental and liabilities associated with daily operations.

Coverage Options

  • Third-party professional liability (claims made)
  • First-party rectification and mitigation coverage
  • First-party protective coverage is available via endorsement
  • Contractors pollution liability (claims made and occurrence-based coverage)
  • Please note that coverage can also be made available on a project-specific basis

Key Features

  • Mitigation of damages (additional limit)
  • Coverage for LEED accredited professionals
  • Coverage for the use of building information modeling (BIM) design assist programs
  • Coverage for technology services provided in the course of performing professional services
  • Automatic coverage for newly formed entities or acquisitions for 90 days
  • Protective professional indemnity coverage
  • Transportation pollution liability
  • Faulty workmanship coverage (via endorsement)
  • First and third-party transportation pollution
  • Blanket non-owned disposal Site coverage
  • Microbial substances (fungus) claims made and occurrence-based coverage
  • Site pollution liability coverage (via endorsement)
  • Defense outside limit coverage (via endorsement)

Target Classes

  • Construction trades (carpenters, mechanical, drywall, electrical, masonry, painting, plumbing)
  • Roofing
  • Street & road contractors
  • Construction managers
  • Utility contractors
  • Excavation contractors
  • General contractors