Cyber insurance can provide extensive coverage to safeguard businesses against a range of technology-related risks. Our cyber liability insurance offers broader coverage to help prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks.

Is your client’s business at risk from a cyberattack?
They are if they:

  • Use computers to operate their business
  • Have a website
  • Hold employee or customer data such as names, addresses, social security numbers, bank details, etc
  • Store data in the cloud
  • Take payments via credit cards
  • Make electronic payments

Coverage Options

  • Ransomware losses
  • Legal costs
  • Breach forensic costs
  • Notification expenses 
  • Call center expenses
  • Credit monitoring services
  • Dark web monitoring expenses 
  • Data recovery costs
  • Breach by suppliers
  • Privacy liability
  • Privacy investigations
  • Business interruption loss including expert fees
  • Dependent business interruption loss 
  • Operational error (system failure)
  • Social engineering
  • Invoice manipulation
  • Media liability
  • Electronic theft
  • Bricking costs
  • Reputation harm loss
  • Voluntary shutdown
  • PCI / DSS liability

Synapse Difference

  • Extensive market relationships with access to over 30 leading carriers
    • Cyber, tech E&O, & excess
  • Quick turnaround
  • Detailed coverage comparisons
  • Coverage enhancement programs for clients in the construction, contracting, manufacturing, auto dealer, and tribal risk/casino space
  • MFA implementation assistance partnerships
  • In-house/outside legal assistance