Centralis™ Transforms Data into Insight

As an insurance professional, you instinctively know accurate data analytics can result in better coverage decisions for insureds. Retail brokers look to Synapse to tailor insurance coverage around specialized risks – and for perspective on different carriers’ appetites for risk, pricing, and coverage in the specialty marketplace. Synapse is an even more powerful partner to our brokers - thanks to our proprietary data analytics platform, Centralis – built by brokers for brokers.

More Efficient Brokering

Centralis empowers retail broker strategies and solution pathways by mining real-time and historic data from thousands of specialty insurance transactions.

The result?

An unprecedented view of the specialty insurance marketplace that increases success on new business and account renewals.

  • Benchmarking by industry segment –See how your coverage stands relative to peers with similar risk profiles in a given market segment.
  • Coverage trends & strategies – Ensure coverage is in line with best practices in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • Market Selection – Powerful real-time knowledge of carrier and underwriter appetites and hit ratios captured across Synapse’s national footprint.
  • Predictive Analytics – Centralis’ analytical capabilities are expanding into forward-looking forecasting, trend analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Industry Leading Data Set – all of this, built on market leading data spanning decades.

Soon, Centralis Will Offer Added Benefits for Our Carriers

We are hard at work developing functionality that will prove beneficial to our carrier partners and offer enhanced ease of transacting business. To discuss the possibilities -- and how Centralis might benefit your organization – initiate a consultation with Brian Macrae today!

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