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Synapse Services Launches Defined Risk Program for Retail Brokers to Address Environmental Liability Risks of Mid-Size Companies

Dedicated Team Offers Data-Driven Solution for Underserved Markets

Somerville, NJ, February 10, 2022 -
Synapse Services LLC, a leading specialty wholesale insurance broker, has launched an environmental liability Defined Risk program, enabling retail brokers to meet the coverage demand of traditionally underserved mid-size insureds that face complex environmental risks. Synapse Services’ newly created group of dedicated professionals will offer environmental casualty products, contractors’ pollution and professional liability, and storage tank protection for companies with revenues of up to $50 million.  

Synapse Services’ Defined Risk program leverages statistical information captured by CentralisTM, its propriety data platform that aggregates and analyzes environmental risks and coverage trends nationwide. Through Centralis-based insights, Synapse Services has developed an efficient method for retail brokers to provide environmental insurance for mid-size insureds in their respective markets.           

“Synapse’s Defined Risk provides retail brokers a central access point to secure much-needed environmental coverage with greater speed and efficiency for underserved insureds that have been challenged to find a product offering that is competitive on both pricing and terms,” stated Lauren Atkinson, Executive Vice President. “Our data-driven insurance solution benefits target at-risk insureds by leveraging the analytical insight only offered through our robust Centralis platform.”

Centralis aggregates extensive nationwide environmental insurance marketplace data, encapsulating Synapse’s more than 15 years of quoted/bound premium rates by industry, carrier, class of business, policy limits and deductibles, and geographic footprint.  Based on Centralis predictive analytics and carrier relationships, Synapse Services’ Defined Risk program offers retail brokers exclusive access to secure timely policy issuance. Insurance placements will be underwritten by select specialty carriers for premier, pre-negotiated coverage at favorable premium levels for new and renewal business.

Mrs. Atkinson noted that by “empowering retail brokers with an innovative program to serve the environmental insurance protection needs of target, at-risk insureds, Synapse uncaps their marketing bandwidth by delivering the highest level of coverage for this defined segment of the market.”  

About Synapse Services LLC

Synapse is an independent specialty wholesale insurance brokerage dedicated to serving retail partners and their valued clients   The firm’s mission is to provide the highest level of expertise and service in the specialty insurance marketplace by nurturing our team of professionals and building partnerships with insurance carriers and the retail broker market. For more information, please visit:

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