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Read what Mike Gill has to say about Submission Quality in Real Estate Portfolios

We're pleased to see Synapse partner, Mike Gill, among the experts featured in a round-up interview conducted by the Society of Environmental Insurance Professionals (SEIP). Take a look!


The revolution of technology, the everconstant quality control of submission data, and the heart of insurance –
Utmost Good Faith. How we bring it all together.

The insurance industry has faced the most major digital revolution in the recent decade, completely changing how real estate portfolios are underwritten, bought, and sold. In a hardening market, with narrowing carrier appetites, this puts pressure on real estate transactions to be adaptive, competitive, and meaningful with terms and conditions provided. The most significant barrier to meaningful terms and conditions is the everconstant quality control of submission data between parties.

Read full article here -- with permission from SEIP.



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