Synapse Reinsurance

We are uniquely qualified, connected, and well-resourced to help insulate our broker customers from major claims events.

To protect insureds, brokers, and even carriers faced with catostrophic claims, Synapse offers an array of innovative reinsurance products suitable for many clients in U.S. and Latin American markets.

Placed with A+ rated in-house binding authorities on behalf of most of our partner reinsurers, including Lloyds of London, Far East Companies, among others -- Synapse reinsurance solutions combine our extensve knowledge of global insurance markets with our industry-leading expertise in stock-throughput, property, specialty, and environmental -- arriving at risk-management opportunities that:

  • far surpass traditional treaty offerings in most cases;
  • achieve exceptional terms and conditions for our Cedant, Retrocessionaire, and Reinsurance Broker clients;
  • and reflect thought leadership, innovation, and experience appropriate for this high-stakes category.

Contact Synapse to explore our growing line of resinurance strategies and product offerings.

Synapse Reinsurance Products

Re-insurance for Cargo & Stock Throughput
Stock Throughput