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Synapse's experienced professional risk management advisors will provide you with innovative strategies to profitably manage your specific business risks. Applied risk management strategies can allow for favorable business financing, redevelopment of impaired real estate, lower insurance costs for operating businesses and contractors, and overall loss control for your business. 

Beginning with underwriting support and extending through claims management, Synapse will perform like a an extension of your team, using our extensive experience to advise you on how to achieve your business goals, by prioritizing and evaluating risk, providing options and solutions suited to your special business objectives and risk tolerance. We will work closely with you to fulfill opportunities to transfer risk, evaluating it in terms of tis perception in the insurance market, where risk is spread. 

Synapse Risk Managment addresses liability by applying established risk management strategies that match business tolerance and deal structures. 

  • Avoid Risk

Avoid identified loss by not owning a particular liability or choosing not to engage in a certain activity or walk away from a transaction or business opportunity if the risk level does not match your tolerance level. 

  • Retain Risk

Pay for anticipated and unanticipated losses as they arise.  The risk of a loss remains within the business, technology or real property. 

  • Manage Risk

Apply techniques to measure and eliminate the severity of a loss. Techniques for real estate often include direct remediation, deed restrictions, and engineering controls.  Techniques for operating businesses can include Loss Control and training programs.

  • Transfer Risk

Applied to transfer the uncertainty of a loss away from an operating business, new technology or real property.  Risk Transfer removes a level of potential risk from the business to a third party, such as an insurance company or a prior responsible party.

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